Dog Trainer

Lynne acquired a love of animals at a young age, spending many hours posing with dogs and cats while helping her mother, a professional pet photographer who illustrated dog care and training books. Lynne has volunteered with Shelter to Soldier™ since we began in 2012. She has always enjoyed having an active part in the training of her own dogs over the years, and she trained her own dog, Cody, as a pet therapy dog through. Cody and Lynne are a fun part of our Shelter to Soldier™ therapy team. Lynne undertook the major commitment of completing her certification as a Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College under the mentorship of Graham Bloem, Shelter to Soldier™ Founder. Lynne is a huge help to our fundraising events, and helps us build relationships throughout our community to help our mission continue and grow. She believes in approaching training with a positive, glass-full mindset and she strives to train balanced, confident, and well-mannered dogs.

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