• Cooper + Brandon

    Breed: Shepherd Corgi Mix

    Cooper is a 1 year old Corgi-Shepherd mix we adopted from Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles under the generous Red Star Sponsorship of the Los Angeles Rams. Cooper is an eager pup who LOVES to train. Training is his favorite time of the day, everyday! He has great focus and is driven […]

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  • Halia + Lito

    Breed: Pit Mix

    Halia is a 2 year old pit mix we adopted from San Diego Department of Animal Services Bonita Shelter. She is gentle and cuddly, but still energetic and focused enough to really enjoy working with her trainers and having a job. She has a really great smile that lifts us all. Halia’s adoption, care, housing, […]

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  • Grumman + Shawn

    Grumman is a 1 year old cattle dog mix who was an owner-surrender to San Diego Department of Animal Services Carlsbad Shelter, where we adopted him. He loves to learn and wants to have a job, so we feel he was born for this purpose! Grumman is currently in handler training with his veteran handler, […]

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  • Thistle + Brendan

    Thistle is a 2 year old Golden Retriever Mix we adopted from Labs & More Rescue under the generous sponsorship of Rennie Gabriel and Three Dog Bakery Encino. She is spunky and goofy, sweet and loving, and enjoys harnessing her puppy energy for her new job as a focused Shelter to Soldier trainee. Thistle is […]

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  • Keeta + Rey

    Breed: Greyhound/Shepherd Mix

    Keeta is a young greyhound/shepherd mix adopted from Labs and More Rescue right here in San Diego! “Keeta” means very versatile and intuitive; one with leadership abilities for humanity and not for self-glorification. We think her name fits her new purpose perfectly!  She is such a fun addition to our team, and we love the […]

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  • Armstrong + Trong

    Armstrong was adopted from one of our rescue partners, Labs N More! The rescue contacted training director and Cofounder, Graham Bloem, to tell him that they had a few dogs we needed to meet and Armstrong was one pup we just had to have for Shelter to Soldier™! This energetic and sweet boy is eager […]

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  • Julio + Matt

    Julio is an approximately 3 year old rottweiler pitbull mix who we adopted from San Diego County Department of Animal Services Shelter on Gaines St. in San Diego. Julio was eager to please and loved working for treats and affection, but his behavior was struggling in the kennel environment, and he needed a new home. […]

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