Dog Trainer

Nicky Moore is a recent graduate of Animal Behavior College’s Professional Dog Training Certification program and is eager to put her education into practice with the Specialty Dog Training and Shelter to Soldier™ organizations.

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Nicky has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management.  After years of training her own dogs, pet-sitting, and working with animals at a veterinary hospital, she decided to transition her lifelong love of dogs, and over 10 years of customer service experience into a dog training career.

Nicky has a real passion for helping dogs and their families live happily together. As a Navy spouse she brings a unique understanding of veterans and military families and a desire to help veterans overcome psychological injuries associated with traumatic service experiences. It was these combined interests that lead her to seek out our founder, Graham Bloem, and our team of training professionals.

Nicky is a smart and confident dog trainer who is excited to further her professional dog training experience within the Specialty Dog Training and Shelter to Soldier™ family.

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