Congratulations Luna and Jeremy!

August 31, 2017


Shelter to Soldier™ is proud to announce that on June 28th, 2017, US Marine Veteran Jeremy Engle and his Shelter to Soldier™ service dog, Luna, graduated our program! 
This goofy girl had a tough start in life, but her journey lead her to Shelter to Soldier™. She was found by a close friend of our co-founders, Graham and Kyrie Bloem, as a stray on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She was suffering from severe mange and malnutrition. Thankfully, her rescuer Leigh Ann got her the medical care she needed for a full recovery. After evaluating her in her healthy state, we knew she would make a great addition to our program! 
Luna was a rockstar from the beginning! It was clear very early on that she loved to work and was happy to learn. After almost a year of training with our professional training team, Luna was a new, highly trained dog and we knew she was ready for the next stage of her journey. She was soon matched with her veteran, Jeremy Engle!  The pair had an instant bond, and worked together to strengthen this bond through months of handler training. They completed our program ready to start a new life together and shortly after graduation, they made a family move to Georgia! We are so happy for Luna and Jeremy!  
Luna’s housing, food, care and training were generously sponsored by our Red Star Sponsors at Integriv, whose dedication to supporting their community has been directly responsible for saving two lives, and giving both Jeremy and Luna a second chance at greatness. This was Integriv’s second sponsorship through our program, as they previously made possible the placement of Shelter to Soldier™ service dog Jade with veteran Chris Meyer-Ontiveros.
Click the icon below to see the YouTube video we put together of Luna and Jeremy’s graduation ceremony!

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