Meet this amazing duo, Ron & Dante, or as we like to call them, Ronte! This pair is truly a match made in heaven.

The Shelter to Soldier team adopted Dante on March 22, 2021 from the Los Angeles based rescue, Wags & Walks, under the generous Red Sponsor Sponsorship of The Boeing Company.

While in the program, Dante was a quiet, young dog until he met his trainer, Shelby. Shelby brought out his sweet and silly self which resulted in him finding his forever dad, Ron! Their first meeting was meant to be, as no other dog gravitated to Ron as much as Dante did. During their first meeting, they went for a walk, played fetch, and cuddled – then, the rest is history!

Ron is a US Navy Veteran who served during the Desert Storm Era as a combat medic. He was also a member of the SWAT team, a detective, and undercover agent.

Ron has an amazing wife and daughter as his support system. Dante adds to his support system as his missing puzzle piece and has given Ron new opportunities to live life to his fullest potential.

Ron and Dante have recently passed their public access test and will be graduating in early September 2023.


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