When: April 30, 2016 at 9:00 am
Location: Liberty Station, San Diego, CA, United States

Every journey begins with that first step! As NAMIWalks celebrates their 14th Anniversary in 2016, they are proud to be NAMI’s largest and most successful mental health awareness and fundraising event in the country!

Through NAMIWalks public display of support for people with mental health challenges, they are changing how Americans view mental illness.  Please join us as we improve lives and our communities one step at a time.

Shelter to Soldier™ will be part of the veteran’s program and exhibition at the event. Please stop by for more information on how Shelter to Soldier™ is “Saving Lives, Two at a Time” and serving our post-9/11 combat veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other injuries associated with traumatic service experiences.

To support those living with mental illness and raise awareness for NAMI, please register to participate in the 5K walk here!NAMIwalks

For more information, please visit the NAMIwalks website or email info@sheltertosoldier.org.

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