How Kids Can Give Back during COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Many of us have children home from school for longer than we planned during this unprecedented and certainly unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives are swarmed with messages on homeschooling, maintaining schedules, and self isolation. Despite our best efforts, our children are being affected by this – physically, mentally, emotionally. They too are isolated from very important building blocks of their lives. They’re relying on us for their messages and looking to us to not only entertain them now that every minute of their lives is spent at home, but also for the assurance that this is all going to be okay, and that even when it may feel like it, everything that is going on right now isn’t EVERYTHING. There’s more.

What if we incorporate into our new home-based learning curriculum lessons on how we can stay connected in a bigger way during this time of uncertainty? We can empower our children to do more, and to actively create and engage in ways they can touch the lives of others everywhere, even from the temporary confines of their home and times that feel uncertain. Plus, teaching kids about charity is an easily reinforceable act. They learn that they are part of a larger community and that we all rely on one another.

Aaron Hanson, Director of Development at Shriners for Children Medical Center says “Charity is a learned behavior. The developmental milestone of putting others before oneself is significant and can be a predictor of greater generosity, positivity, perseverance and altruism later in life.”

Now, more than ever before, charities like Shelter to Soldier need help. Here are some ways that you can inspire your children to give, and make a REAL impact on programs, like ours, that need their support. We are so proud to be rolling out our Blue Star Sponsor program – created just for kids! Any child age 1-18 who raises $100 from their network will earn our Blue Star Sponsor badge, a very special honor. Missing sports? Bring together 5 friends to create a TEAM! Getting started is simple:

  1. Click Here or head to our Giving Page and help them create an online fundraiser. Set a goal they feel they can reach by mobilizing their friends and family to give. No donation is too small or too big, we can all make a difference!
  2. Download this color sheet (here), and have them share their artwork with us! Post to your feed or story on IG, Facebook or tiktok @sheltertosoldier and use #STSKids. As a *BONUS* Tag 3 friends to enter the chance to win a Shelter to Soldier hoodie! If you have a dog at home, feature them in your posts, too!
  3. Share your color sheet with your online fundraiser and on social to show your network how you are giving back. For older kiddos who may not be interested in the color sheet, encourage them to post a short video on social sharing why they are choosing to give back to the veterans and shelter dogs who need their support through our program.
  4. Raise $100 as an individual fundraiser and earn your badge!
  5. If you create a fundraising team, you can maximize your impact virtually with your friends! The team who has raised the most by April 20th will receive an ice cream meet-and-greet at our facility with our all-star service dog trainees and a veteran you have helped to support!

Questions? Email or call us to learn more. or 760-870-5338.

Great work, Blue Star Sponsor Kids!

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