The Barnes Firm Injury Attorneys announced on November 11, 2020 THREE Red Star Sponsorships of our program between three of their markets: San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We are so proud to welcome their first sponsored pup, Barney, to our program. Barney’s name was chosen in honor and loving memory of United States Marine Corps Veteran, Steve Barnes. Barney was adopted from our friends at Labs and More Rescue out of San Diego, CA. He is affectionate, sweet and playful, and we are so thankful we found him for our program

Barney has recently been matched with US Army Veteran, Jordan! Barney will move on to building a bond with him in order to transfer all his obedience commands to his veteran. During their bonding sessions, Barney and Jordan love to spend time cuddling and of course, playing fetch. We can’t wait to see this team grow together!

To learn more about our partnership with The Barnes Firm click here.

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